Vlaco in English

Vlaco npo was founded in 1992, to support and implement the policy of biowaste (green waste, vegetable, fruit and garden waste and industrial bio-waste). We are a membership organisation with representation of both the Flemish government (by means of the OVAM and the intermunicipal waste associations) and the private sector (private waste treatment companies).

Vlaco npo defends the interests of the sector. All our activities support the sustainable material cycle of biowaste. We emphasize the quality of recycling biowaste (both at home on small scale and professionally on large scale). 
Vlaco is a member of ECN (European Compost Network) and supports an European QAS (Quality Assurance Scheme).
Vlaco pursues, within the framework of green energy, a synergy of material and energy recuperation. Always bearing in mind the production of a qualitative end product  used as a fertilizer, soil improver, ingredient for substrates or as a fundation in the garden.